"Know & be aware that if the innocent me gets executed, this won't be the first victim of the unfairness of this so-called 'justice–oriented' unjust court"." - Navid Afkari

“People! It is only logical that I will fight for my life; and as per the evidence, all clues are an affirmation to my innocence. All the evidence that we have collected and everything that I am saying right now, is only here to let you know that if I ever get executed, in the 21st century and with all the human right organizations, the UN or security council or the whatever else, an innocent human being, which had tried to the best of his might and fought, to have his voice heard, was hanged…Know & be aware that if the innocent me gets executed, this won’t be the first victim of the unfairness of this so-called ‘justice–oriented’ unjust court”.”

Navid Afkari (IRI)
Iranian National Wrestling Champion
Days before being tortured and executed as a political prisoner, for having protested on the streets

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