Tampa Bay will now play against Green Bay.

The Sportspedia

This was a good NFL Divisional game.New Orleans Saint Drew Brees (USA) suffered three interceptions for the first time since 2016.

The New Orleans Saints scored first for the 6-0, scored by Tre’Quan Smith (USA).

Then, Sean Murphy-Bunting (USA, Tampa Bay) intercepted and carried it to the 3-yard line. Tom Brady (USA) passed it to Mike Evans (USA) for the touchdown that gave Tampa Bay a 10-6 in their favor.

During that second quarter they put in the former Buccaneer, Jameis Winston (USA) to give a pass. And just as he came in he landed a 56-yard pass for Smith’s second touchdown. Drew Brees (USA) wouldn’t have that average passing yards!

Mike Evans (USA) scored for the Buccaneers by receiving it just off the goal line.

Leonard Fournette (USA) scored 19-20 and the kick was good to tie the game before the fourth quarter.

Rookie Tyler Johnson (USA) had a great pass starting the fourth quarter. Tampa got a little closer and like in his days with the Patriots, Brady looked for Rob Gronkowski (USA) but couldn’t find him. Tampa took the lead anyway with a 3-point kick.

A key moment was when Louisiana’s Devin White (USA) stole a ball from New Orleans when Alvin Kamara (USA) was further ahead than the pass. This would lead to the 29-20, also scored by Evans.

The score would remain 20-30. Tom Brady (USA) continues to extend his legacy as one of the greatest American football players in history. He will play his 14th Conference Final.