They defeated Ciudad Obregón 3-0 and secured their place in the Final.

The Sportspedia

The Culiacán Tomateros managed to close their Semifinal Series 4-2 against Yaquis de Ciudad Obregón, after defeating them 3-0. They wait for the winner between Hermosillo and Monterrey to try to repeat their Championship.

Efrén Navarro (MEX) hit an important extra base in the second inning against Faustino Carrera (MEX) that put him in scoring position. Michael Wing (USA) responded with another extra base that enabled Navarro to score the first run.

The rain fell at the Ciudad Obregón stadium, but the runs did not fall until the top of the eighth, thanks to a wild pitch that escaped Sebastián Valle (MEX) and allowed Ramiro Peña (MEX) to advance to third base. There came another run, batted in by Carlos Díaz (MEX).

The Tomateros put Alberto Baldonado (PAN) in to avoid a scare. But he did get a scare when “Harper” Gamboa (MEX) sent a man to third base with two outs. But the run did not enter.

Baldonado also managed to go without a hit in the 9th inning and in this way the Tomateros de Culiacán eliminated the team with the best record of the regular season.

Be careful in the Final, because the Tomateros de Culiacán are still the Champions!