He escaped from everyone and won the first Formula E date in rFactor 2.

The Sportspedia

Formula E had their first race this season in their virtual series “Accelerate”, with some of the best simulator drivers in the world, competing in rFactor 2. This time they raced on the virtual circuit in New York.

Being a Formula E race, even if it is virtual, the “attack mode” was supplemented to pass and also a limited level of energy that they had to conserve.

Erhan Jajovski (MKD), the polesitter, entered the first ese of the race side by side with Manuel Biancolilla (ITA). The Balkan driver managed to take first place.

Biancolilla began to lose positions for a few minutes and fell to 5th place with less than 17 minutes to go, perhaps saving energy.

Kevin Siggy (NED) used his “Attack Mode” to pass Graham Carroll (ENG) for second place. Bono Huis (NED) also passed Biancolilla through the room, using the energy bonus.

Meanwhile Jajovsky- for some, the best rFactor 2 driver in history- kept drifting away. Back, Carroll passed Siggy again. Minutes later Huis also passed him.

Biancolilla raced strategically to get in the best position at the end and with a minute to go he moved up to third place, passing the Dutch racers.

Jajovski ran alone and crossed the line first, ahead of Carroll and Biancolilla.