Quantum science has taken important leaps. It is starting to be used in chess and will soon be used in other sports.

Quantum mechanics deals with the smallest components, the properties of nature in an anatomic scale. Quantum theory has come a long way since the first theories dealing with electric waves in the XIX Century.

Two weeks ago, scientists developed the first-ever high-level programming language for quantum computers, in Switzerland.This breakthrough is important for humanity as quantum computing will allow humans to solve detailed and harder problems, faster.

Quantum computers are learning by themselves and provide an avenue for hybrid human-AI intelligence symbiosis.

This property is already impacting sport, particularly in chess.World Champion, Magnus Carlson (NOR), has said he has been training by utilizing the AlphaZero algorithm, whose chess has been compared to that of a “superior alien species”.

Carlsen particularly applied two lessons from the program to defeat Anish Giri (NET) with Masterclass, in the first match of the Online, Rapid “Chessable Masters”, within the Magnus Carlsen Tour.

He was dominated by Giri in the following games and had to play for “survival” en route to the draws that allowed crowned him. A psychological win, showing that chess is still a human sport.

But it might not be long until other sports adopt quantum technology, changing the world of sport as we know it. Let alone changing science and more relevant forms of decision-making.