In a wide decision he defeated the Mexican-American Ángel Miguel Leo.

The Sportspedia

Angelo “Chinito” Leo (USA / MEX) and Stephen Fulton Jr (USA) had a great fight for the World Super Bantamweight Championship of the World Boxing Organization.

Leo and Fulton Jr exchanged heavy blows from the first. Leo is known for landing a lot of body shots and in the first one he landed them. Fulton hit left hooks and used his right too. Leo responded well with jabs but Fulton began to dominate on the jab and Leo was already bleeding quite a bit from his left eyebrow.

In the second again they immediately went to the center of the ring and exchanged. Fulton managed to get Leo against the ropes and connected some to the body, although Leo responded from the ropes whenever he was there.

Leo worked the body better in the third. He gave a low blow when Fulton lowered his head. “El Chinito” went to the front and the two exchanged several power blows from close range.

In the fourth they continued exchanging blows at close range. In the final 30 seconds Fulton landed a strong uppercut and Leo responded by landing his best punches, which made Fulton stagger.

He didn’t change the frenetic pace in the fifth or Leo’s feistiness. Fulton moved his waist a little more and perhaps landed the best shots.

Anyone could have taken the sixth round and also perhaps the best hit was an uppercut from Fulton. Leo kept pushing with the combinations.

Already in the seventh Leo looked for more power shots that could throw at Fulton but he didn’t make it. They kept fighting tete à tête.

In the eighth Leo went to the front without letting Fulton get away when he tried to use distance. Fulton kept using the uppercut. Leo hit a good combination in the final ten seconds that could impress the judges in another close round.

Fulton used some jabs to stop Leo when he was going ahead but he couldn’t quite stop him. This gave some variety and Stephen controlled the distance, for the first time preventing the fight from being almost entirely with the two close together.

Angelo failed to change anything in his style to overcome Fulton’s precision in the final three rounds.

The judges’ scorecards read 118-110 and 119-109 on two of them in favor of the new World Champion: Stephen Fulton Jr. The Sportspedia’s scorecard was 117-111 in favor of Fulton.