This week’s Global Podium for the best sportspeople in the world features Aleksandr Sorokin, Max Poschart, and Jimmy Wilkins.

The Sportspedia’s Global Podium features the three sportspeople/athletes or teams that best achieved excellence in performance last week with their milestones and results.

Gold: Aleksandr Sorokin
(Lithuania, Athletics)

Aleksandr Sorokin broke several records en route to winning the Centurion Running Track 100 Mile in Bedford, England in the 100-kilometer category. He broke the 100 Kilometer World Record at 6:05:40, as well as the 6 Hour World Record, running 98.496km. Alexander Whearity (ENG) won the 100-Mile race.

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Silver: Max Poschart
(Germany, Finswimming)

The German broke his own 100-meter Finswimming World Record that he had set back in 2017 (33.87), as he timed 33.71 seconds at the start of the winning SC DHfK 4×100 Relay at the Finswimming World Cup in Leipzig. He also won gold medals in the 50 meters, 100 meters, and 50 meters apnea, and was also the fastest in the 200 meters but technically was not ranked, as he could only officially compete in four categories.

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Bronze: Jimmy Wilkins
(United States of America, Skateboarding)

Jimmy Wilkins won his fifth X-Games gold medal in Skateboard Vert, which brings him now an unprecedented total of four consecutive gold medals, after winning the competitions in Minneapolis (2018 and 2019), Southern California (2021), and Chiba (2022).

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