The Yaquis defeated Culiacán and put this semifinal of the Mexican Pacific League 2-3.

The Sportspedia

The Ciudad Obregón Yaquis are still alive in the Mexican Pacific League! Today they beat the Culiacán Tomateros and put the Semifinal series 3-2.

Ciudad Obregón’s first two races fell to the fourth inning. Jonathan Aranda (MEX) forced the out with a ground ball and Dariel Álvarez (CUB) ran in.

Then Aranda stole second base and allowed Leandro Castro (DOM) to steal home for the second run.

The Yaquis scored the third run on an extra base by Alvarez in the fifth inning.

And then another run was scored, with a hit from Leandro Castro. And he himself scored the fifth with a three-base hit by Juan Carlos “Harper” Gamboa (MEX). That was the end of the game for Anthony Vasquez (USA).

The Tomateros avoided the shutout with a hit by Michael Wing (USA) that propelled Joey Meneses (MEX) and Efrén Navarro (MEX) to the plate.

In the ninth high, Castro homered off Sasagi Sánchez (MEX) and extended Obregón’s lead 6-2, which would remain until the end.