Denmark beat Spain 33-35 to advance to the Final.

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The Danish team will go undefeated to the Final of the Handball World Championship, where they will face their neighbors from Sweden, who defeated France, who in turn will face neighbor Spain in the third place match .

Denmark dominated the game from the first minute. They scored 1-0 and never lost the lead in the match.

The first half ended 16-18 in favor of Denmark. They showed good ball control and had a good amount of touchdowns after controlled passes outside the end area.

Spain lived its best moment when it put the game 25-26 after 45 minutes of play. The teams almost took turns scoring one on one until eventually Denmark took the lead of 3 at 30-33.

The Spaniards made it exciting by putting the game 33-34 with less than two minutes to go. With just seconds to go, they shot but the ball bounced off the ground to the crossbar and just out.

They asked for a timeout with 10 seconds left but Denmark ended up scoring the 33-35 that propels them to the final.