Collin Sexton scores more than 40 points to outshine the team with Durant, Irving and Harden.

The Sportspedia

The Brooklyn Nets debuted James Harden (USA) last Saturday and he scored 32 points against Orlando. Today he played again, for the first time starting with the great team of DeAndre Jordan (USA), Kyrie Irving (USA), Kevin Durant (USA) and Jeff Green (USA). In front of them, the Cleveland Cavs.

The Nets super team looked good but they are just adjusting to playing together.

Brooklyn was leading in the first quarter until a three-point shot by Cedi Osman (TUR) that helped them close the first quarter 23-28. From there they scored 17 straight points while the Nets missed more than 10 consecutive shots.

Then Cleveland would not lose control of the game and its biggest advantage was 69-80, with another basket from Osman, who had a good night of more than 20 points.

Kevin Durant played well defensively, blocking, causing fouls and shooting three. He scored more than 30 points.

In the fourth quarter the Nets were two points behind and the Cavs were clear that they could not give up. With just over a minute to go it was tied at 113.

Harden tried a three shot but missed. After a time out Collin Sexton (USA) lost the ball to Irving, who missed the ball as he reached out and hit Sexton. The referees called the offensive foul but was later eliminated after reviewing the replay. They went into overtime.

In overtime Kyrie Irving scored first -he also scored more than 30 on the night. Irving blocked Sexton again. Harden had a miss that Durant took to score and the Nets led by 5 for the first time tonight (120-115).

An Irving error was exploited by Osman. On that play Larry Nance, Jr. (USA) scored three points to tie but Green put the Nets ahead again.

Durant received a ball and took a couple of steps without bouncing it and Osman was fouled instead, allowing the Nets to take a 125-122 lead. Unfortunately for the Cavs, these types of violations are not reviewed.

Sexton scored three points for the Cavaliers with just over a second to go in overtime and the game was tied 127-127. He had scored the previous points as well. They went to another overtime.

Collin Sexton kept scoring and Cleveland took a 127-134 lead. And he kept shooting and rebounding until he reached more than 40 points. Between Sexton and Taurean Prince (USA) they scored three pointers and now they did beat Brooklyn with a resounding 135-147.

Their second game in this series is this Friday.