Juan Francisco Estrada (MEX) accomplished the feat and defeated Román González (NIC) in one of the best fights in recent memory.

The Sportspedia

Juan Francisco Estrada (MEX) accomplished the feat and defeated Román González (NIC) in one of the best fights in recent memory. This more than eight years after his first fight …

The biggest possible fight at smallweights was a twelve-round give and take that ended up giving the Mexican the World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association Super Flyweight Championships.

From the first round the fight was exciting. The two landed good shots. González was injured after a collision with Estrada’s head. González connected well with the left but Estrada came out with a faster pace than usual.

The second was a great assault! Estrada came out stronger at the start. He used his right hand well to land strong punches but then it was González who landed better right hands for most of the round. Both exchanges that took place at a short distance.

González came out in the third to shorten the distance by going forward with his right, while Estrada responded with three-hit combinations. What a round again! Each landed a tremendous straight in the latter part of the round. Accurate, strong, with technique and constant.

And the fourth was a great round again! The two managed to land punches that made the other recoil. Maybe the last seconds helped Estrada because he looked better in those last seconds. Estrada continued to work on the body and there he landed some hands.

There were practically no jabs in the fifth round. The rhythm was not the same as the previous ones. González connected the best, most precise and fastest combinations. This could have set the tone for the rest of the fight except it did not.

The “Chocolatuto” went to the front from the beginning of the sixth. He did not allow Estrada to counterattack. A low blow from Estrada entered but they went on. In the last minute the two landed power shots.

The seventh was extremely difficult to score. González with a great upper. Estrada with combinations. The two giving each other a classic of modern fightprizing.

Estrada tried to use the few jabs we saw in the eighth. Likewise, a great blow from González entered his face. The Nicaraguan managed to be better in quantity and precision, despite the good closing of Estrada that made the round a close one again.

Only with a world-class physical condition could they reach the ninth with the same pace with which they continued exchanging. The two strongest blows seemed to be from González and in such close rounds those can be the difference.

In the tenth, Estrada counterattacked the strong rhythm of the Nicaraguan, who continued to throw and connect more punches. They used little bending to defend themselves. Their heads was being used to think about the next blow. A stray bullet could enter but the blows no longer had the same power. Both still were punching with a tremendous rhythm.

Estrada sped up in the 11th but Gonzalez never stopped responding, though Estrada had perhaps the best hit, a hook. Again, maybe those details could make a difference.

These were twelve rounds of war. They both knew that last round could be the difference. The one who at some point shuddered but did not fall was Estrada. The two kept pulling until the end. González threw more; Estrada also had his moments.

Regardless of the outcome this is, as Michael Buffer said before announcing the outcome, “one of the best fights you will ever see.” The scorecards read: 115-113 for González, 117-111 for Estrada and 115-113 for Estrada, so the Mexican won by split decision.

The Sportspedia’s scorecard was 116-112 for Gonzalez but very few rounds were clear. This was an expression of a classic of modern prizefighting, where like any artistic classic, there are many ways to interpret the work. The classics generate controversy and analysis. This will feed that for many years. The victory for Estrada is a fair interpretation.

Will there be a third fight? González says it is not necessary because he has already won the previous two. Estrada is willing to have it. Fans will no doubt want it, promoters too, and boxing history too.

But before that, Estrada is committed to fighting Srisaket Sor Sungvisai (THA) for the third time.