Colbert wins by TKO11 in one of the best fights of the year.

The Sportspedia

This was one of the best fights this year! Pink-sombrero dressed Chris Colbert (USA) successfully defended his World Boxing Association Super Featherweight Interim World Title by Knocking Jaime Arboleda (PAN) out in 11 rounds.

From the very first round both fighters traded bombs with Colbert particularly landing the biggest punches: straights and uppers that landed directly on Arboleda’s face. Actually, the referee was about to stop the fight during the last seconds of Round 2 after a series of punches made Arboleda’s legs wobbly, but the bell barely saved him.

The third one was better for Arboleda and he actually probably did enough to take it, landing some clean punches. From there on, the next couple of rounds had Arboleda pushing forward and Colbert boxing him but both landed.

Arboleda continued his chase and Colbert landed more power punches that could have knocked anyone down but Arboleda. In the end of the fifth Colbert literally ran in the last seconds.

The sixth and seventh were still a series of bomb-exchanges and the eight had an incident where Colbert gave Arboleda a low blow. Arboleda recovered and went back to punch but Colbert connected a couple of tremendous uppers.

The ninth was one of the best rounds in boxing this year, especially with Arboleda pushing forward from get go but Colbert answering back with more punches and he aso dodged several using his waist movements. Arboleda took Colbert to a corner and right there, Colbert landed another big uppercut and one punch later Arboleda went down. He stood up and the bell rang.

The tenth allowed Arboleda to seemingly recover but Colbert still landed more and better and looked fresh. In the eleventh Colbert landed a left hand that sent Arboleda to the canvas and Arboleda got up, only to receive another combination that sent him face-first to the canvas. He got up again. Colbert sent him to the ropes, started a relentless attack and finished him.

The fight was now over! Huge heart from both fighters! Arboleda recovered soon after. Colbert is a very good fighter. In theory, he should unify with the winner of the René Alvarado (NIC) vs Roger Gutiérrez (VEN) fight, which is for the WBA Super Featherweight World Title, in possession of the Central American.