Henrik Harlaut won the Knuckelhuck for skiing, which closed the X-Games Aspen 2021 activity.

The Sportspedia

The Ski Knuckelhuck closed the X-Games Aspen 2021 activity. This competition is all about using a knuckle and doing whatever they want.

Fabian Boesch (SUI) used the side of the Big Air as a ramp to land a flip. Before reaching the jump he had already made two mortals and then he took a two-mortal jump in it. In another he did a frontflip against the wall and then another on his back.

Jesper Tjader (SWE) made a back from switch and in another he made a Switch Double backflip where he after the first turn he touched the knuckle with a ski and from there he hit the other flip for the double backflip. Probably never seen before!

In the end Henrik Harlaut (SWE) won the gold medal. He wasn’t quite as spectacular as the others, going around with a couple of spins before the knuckle and then turning on the knuckle.

The evaluation criteria in this competition are not clear. What is clear is that Harlaut now has the most gold medals in X-Games skiing, with eight.