León win their 8th Mexican League title after defeating UNAM 3-1 overall.

The Sportspedia

León won their eight Mexican League Championship (1947-1948, 1948-1949, 1951-1952, 1955-1956, 1991-1992, Apertura 2013, Clausura 2014, Guardianes 2020) by defeating Pumas UNAM 2-0 in the “Vuelta” Final, for a total score of 3-1. This was a race occasion where the regular season leader also gets to win the Championship. Great job by Ignacio Ambriz (MEX).

At 12′ Gigliotti (ARG) scored with a right shot from close to the small area and it went right under World Cup player, Alfredo Talavera’s (MEX), hand, to give the green team the early advantage.

A couple of minutes later Ángel Mena (ECU) got injured and he was substituted by Joel Campbell (CRC), who has been crucial in these playoffs. Little after, Gigliotti spun in the area to find the door and Talavera reacted well to throw himself to the floor and clock the ball with his chest.

Juan Pablo Vigón (MEX, UNAM) entered the area and the veteran Ignacio González (MEX) -in his last match as a professional player- did an excellent slide to avoid any damage.

Alan Mozo (MEX) earned a silly yellow card at around 30′ with a late tackle. Close to the end of the first half. Talavera had a great save. León went to rest with a 1-0 advantage.

Past the 60′ the referee revised the VAR for a yellow card he showed Mosquera (COL) and it remained. Mosquera went to the ball but left his feet up and impacted a foot. Mosquera had a good game anyway.

At 83′ el “Chapito” Montes gave Yairo Moreno (COL) a great pass. The Colombian had just entered the field. He executed an excellent definiiotn, breaking Iniestra’s slide (MEX) and crossing it for the overall 3-1.


León: Gigliotti (ARG) at 12′, Moreno (COL) at 83′


León: Cota (MEX), Navarro (MEX) (substituted by Sosa (URU), González (MEX), Mosquera (COL), Tesillo (COL), Aquino (PER), Meneses (CHL) (substituted by Rodríguez (MEX)), Mena (ECU) (substituted by Campbell (CRC, substituted by Moreno (COL))), Montes (MEX), Ramírez (MEX), Gigliotti (ARG) (substituted by Godínez (MEX)

Pumas UNAM: Talavera (MEX), Mayorga (MEX), Freire (ARG), Vásquez (MEX) (substituted by Álvarez (ARG)), Rodríguez (MEX), López (MEX) (substituted by Lira (MEX)), Iniestra (MEX), Vigón (MEX), González (PRY), Dinenno (ARG), Gutiérrez (MEX) (substituted by Iturbe (PRY))