León beat Atlético San Luis 3-1 in their first victory this season as defending champion.

The Sportspedia

The Liga MX Champion team had an uncertain start to its defense campaign during the first two games and until the first half of this third. In the end they got their game back and beat Atlético San Luis 3-1.

Víctor Dávila (MEX) scored the goal with a header after Aquino gave him a pass that went long but Dávila stayed in the center to receive the ball from the left side and make it 1-0.

At 74 ‘Atlético San Luis tied, in a drop down the right sector by Damián Batallini (ARG), who gave it to Germán Berterame (ARG), who finished off with a head dive.

Dávila scored again at 79 ‘thanks to a cross into the area. At 88 ‘Jean Meneses (CHL) scored the third by taking a defender on the left wing and hitting him with his left foot.

León has four points after three games. Atlético San Luis has three after four games.