Overwhelming 0-3 to River Plate in the first leg of their Semifinal.

The Sportspedia

Palmeiras (BRA) took advantage in their Copa Libertadores Semifinal duel against the most succesful team at the tournament ever, River Plate (ARG).

Visiting the Independiente stadium, Palmeiras won by 0-3 that get them closer to the Final, which would be played against the winner of the duel between Boca Juniors (ARG) and Santos (BRA).

The first goal was scored in one of the first opportunities that Palmeiras had. Rony (BRA) shot it in the first chance he had.

The second one was scored by the team’s leader, Luiz Adriano (BRA), shooting it in at al 47′.

The River players started to get frustrated and Carrascal (COL), in an authentic anti-footbal started kicking around (as he did last week) and his violence was rewarded with a red card.

Derived from such expulsion, at 62′, Gabriel shot the free kick and Matías Viña (URY) elevated himself for the 0-3 header.


1 F. Armani (ARG)
22 J. Pinola (ARG)
20 M. Casco (ARG) Substituted by Girotti (ARG)
29 G. Montiel (ARG)
2 R. Rojas (PRY)
24 E. Pérez (ARG) Substituted by Díaz (CHL)
26 I. Fernández (ARG) Substituted by Álvarez (ARG)
8 J. Carrascal (COL)
11 N. De La Cruz (URY)
7 M. Suárez Substituted by Ponzio (ARG)
19 R. Borré (COL)
Coach: M. Gallardo

1 Weverton (BRA)
2 Marcos Rocha (BRA)
15 G. Gómez (PRY)
6 Alan Empereur (BRA)
17 M. Viña (URY)
14 Gustavo Scarpa (BRA) Substituted by Raphael Veiga (BRA)
25 Gabriel Menino (BRA)
5 Patrick de Paula (BRA) Substituted by Emerson Santos (BRA)
28 Danilo (BRA) Substituted by Zé Rafael (BRA)
10 Luiz Adriano (BRA) Substituted by Willian (BRA)
11 Rony (BRA) Substituted by Breno (BRA)
Coach: Abel Ferreira