With this triumph Pereira is the absolute champion of Glory in both semi-heavyweight, first fighter to hold simultaneous outright titles in two classes.

The Sportspedia

For many, the fight between World Light-Heavyweight Glory Champion Artem Vakhitov (RUS) and Interim Champion Alex Pereira (BRA) was the best fight that could be done in kickboxing.

At the start of the fight the two of them gave some low kicks but the two exchanged.

Vakhitov hit more in the second and sent Pereira against the ropes a few times. The Brazilian kept responding by going backwards.

Pereira continued to use his more relaxed style as Vakhitov sought him out with his kicks.

The Brazilian landed a good knee in the fourth, causing Vakhitov to exchange.

Vakhitov landed good shots in the fifth that seemed to hurt Pereira and were the best of the round.

Pereira landed more shots in all but the first round, and the judges rewarded him with a split decision win.

With this triumph, Pereira is the absolute Glory Champion in bothLight-Heavyweight and Middleweight. No one else has been simultaneous absolute champion in two Glory weights.