They defeated La Irenita and await the result between La Natividad and La Dolfina.

The Sportspedia

In the first “Semifinal” -last Zone A tournament-, new team RS Murus Sanctus defeated La Irenita by 16-10 and they remain alive at the 127o Abierto Argentino de Polo, the most important Polo tournament in the world.

The best goal was scord by Guillermo Caset (ARG, RS Murus Sanctus), with the 7-3 from three quarters, in a smash that made the ball do a parable and fly on scoring area. Caset scored four goals in that chukker.

RS Murus Sanctus -a new creation stemming from two former teams- comes from a great win this week, after beating La Dolfina, giving them their first defeat at the tournament since the 2012 Final, when they were defeated by Ellerstina, who could take the Triple Crown this month if they win this Open.

La Dolfina -or at least the dream quartet of Cambiasso/Stirling/Mac Donough/Nero- could have their last match today if they fail to advance to the final, although it is possible they might want to play a farewell game in front of an audience next yeat.

The game this afternoon pits La Dolfina and La Natividad, a team that remains unbeaten. If La Natividad wins then nothing else matters: La Natividad advances to the Championship game. If La Dolfina wins by two or more, they make it to the final, and if La Dolfina wins by just one goal and a maximum of 13 goals scored, a triple tie is in order; with a maximum of 12 goals scored and one of advantage, RSMS can still qualify.


RS Murus Sanctus: Facundo Sola (ARG) 9, Francisco Elizalde (ARG) 8, Guillermo Caset (ARG) (h) 10 and Alfredo Cappella Barabucci 8. Total: 35.

La Irenita: Martín Podestá (ARG) (h) 7, Juan Martín Zavaleta (ARG) (h) 8, Facundo Fernández Llorente (ARG) 7 and Juan Martín Zubía (ARG) 8. Total: 30.