Jacqueline Lölling (DEU) won at Königssee after a series of accidents from some of the fastest on the first run.

The Sportspedia

The Skeleton World Cup in Königssee (DEU) had a bumpy ending in the Women’s Race with some faster competitors after the first descent hitting trouble.

Anna Fernstädt (CZE) was in fifth place after the first round but ended up taking the silver medal because of what was to come …

Janine Flock (AUT) went out of control in a series of corners on the second run, losing time and falling behind Fernstädt.

Then Jacqueline Lölling (DEU) also had a difficult descent but it was better than the previous ones, just barely.

Elena Nikita (RUS) also lost control and with two collisions with the wall came close to falling from her sled. She barely managed to hold on, although not before putting the sole of her left foot on the ice on the right side of the sled! She finished fifth.

Tina Hermann (DEU), leader after the first round, also lost control and crashed in the same curves and fell to 10th place, so Lölling ended up taking the gold over Fernstädt and Flock, who is still first in the World Cup .