The Sportspedia

Arlington, Texas

This was an entertaining fight. Errol Spence Jr (USA) did his usual kind of fight: very complete and without taking more risks than he should. There was some doubt after he did not fight for around a year and a half but it was good to see same ole’ Spence.

The first three rounds had Spence Jr dictating the pace and distance, doing enough to take them. The fourth and fifth were competitive rounds, with Danny Garcia (USA) landing some good right hands that made us feel that a competitive fight would be coming.

Danny had his best moments when he stayed in the center of the ring and that is where he was able to land some jabs followed by his right hand but as in the previous rounds, not every hand was able to land on Spence, who just boxed him all night long.

In the tenth round Danny landed two good right hands that Errol felt. Dad and coach Ángel García asked him to go forward and with 25 seconds to go Spence went forward as well, as trying not to lose the round. It was expected that Danny’s chances would lay on his knockout power. Would it happen?

That would not be the case. Garcia did land a right hand that threw Spence’s mouthpiece out in the last seconds of the 11th and he did try to exchange some puches in the 12th but just as with Keith Thurman (USA) or Shawn Porter (USA) it wasn’t enough. The last 10 seconds were the best of the fight with both trading punches, but it was not enough to change the result.

A very well dressed and elegant Terence Crawford (USA) was looking from ringside. Some people booed at him when he was shown on the screens. Is that because he has not faced the best opposition? Likely. A unification between Spence and Crawford should settle it for the Welterweight and that would be a great match up for next year.

The judges had it 116-112 (x2) and 117-111 all in favor of the winner, and still IBF and WBC World Champion: Erroll Spence Jr.!