France wins with an offside; Croatia loses; Belgium wins.

The Sportspedia

Today was the first date of the UEFA Qualifiers for the FIFA Qatar Soccer World Cup 2022. Some strong teams have been defeated.

The World Champion, France, drew 1-1 against Turkey although with a goal where Pavard was offside. Croatia was surprised by Slovenia. Belgium defeated Wales, Mexico’s next rival (friendly).

Tomorrow the second half of matches will be played.

Group A

Qatar 1-0 Luxembourg (Qatar is invited and is already qualified for the World Cup)

Portugal 1-0 Azerbaijan

Serbia 3-2 Republic of Ireland

Group D

Finland 2-2 Bosnia and Herzegovina

France 1-1 Ukraine

Group E

Estonia 2-6 Czechia

Belgium 3-1 Wales

Group G

Turkey 4-2 Netherlands

Gibraltar 0-3 Norway

Latvia 1-2 Montenegro

Group H

Cyprus 0-0 Slovakia

Slovenia 1-0 Croatia (Slovenia’s first win over Croatia)

Malta 1-1 Russia