First African UFC World Heavyweight Champion.

The Sportspedia

Francis Ngannu (CMR / FRA) knocked out Stipe Miocic (USA) in their rematch fight and thus became the new UFC World Heavyweight Champion.

The African started the fight by surprising Miocic with a series of blows by avoiding a takedown attempt and instead hugging and hitting him. This caused the Champion to stand up but turning around.

Ngannu kept hitting and tried to throw him down but was unable. The rest of the round was calmer but not before a strong kick to the American’s face.

The fight would end in the first seconds of the second. Ngannu landed a left straight that knocked over Miocic and followed up with a series of punches.

Miocic answered with a hook but got over-confident and when he tried a second he was met with a left hook from Ngannu that knocked him out.

The referee was in a bad position and still Ngannu landed one more blow when Miocic was knocked out.

Miocic has the record for most UFC Heavyweight Title defenses.