This week’s Global Podium for the best sportspeople in the world features Paola Longoria, Apichet Kotanon, and Vincent Frochot.

Gold: Paola Longoria
(Mexico, Racquetball)

Paola Longoria continued to extend her legacy as the best Racquetball player of all time as she won her record-extending fifth Singles and Doubles World Championships, plus the gold medal in the Women’s Team Championship, and also helped Mexico win the Overall Team competition. Compatriot Álvaro Beltrán eon the Men’s Doubles alongside Daniel de la Rosa to become the winningest men’s gold medalist in the World Championship’s history, with five doubles and one singles title. Mexico also won the first Mixed Doubles competition, with Rodrigo Montoya and Samantha Salas, who also won the Women’s Doubles along Longoria. The only tournament that Mexico dropped was Men’s singles, won by Conrrado Moscoso (BOL) over Rocky Carson (USA).

Relieve the women’s singles final (IRF) 

Silver: Apichet Kotanon (Nong-O Gaiyanghadao)
(Thailand, Muay Thai)

Apichet Kotanon (Nong-O Gaiyanghadao) might now be called the most successful Muay Thai practitioner of all time, as he has now won 19 world-level title fights. He defended his ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title for a sixth time, against Liam Harrison (ENG) with a brutal leg kick in the first round.

Another impressive KO with a kick was that over Demetrious Johnson (USA) Adriano Moraes (BRA) for the MMA ONE Flyweight World Championship, his 14th win in a world title fight. It happened during the fourth round. Tang Kai (CHN) Thanh Le (USA/VIE) won the ONE Featherweight World Championship, becoming the first male Chinese MMA Champion. Christian Lee (SGP/USA) beat Ok Rae Yoon (KOR) to win the ONE Lightweight World Championship.

Relieve his fight (Marca Claro)
Bronze: Vincent Frochot
(France, Abalone)

Vincent Frochot won his 9th Abalone World Championship at the Mind Sports Olympiad, extending his all-time record as the winningest competitor in this game. He also won a bronze medal in Quoridor. Andres Kuusk (EST) won his 6th gold medal in the overall Abstract Games competition, thanks to his gold in Trench.

 Watch his final games (MSO)