This week’s Global Podium for the best sportspeople in the world features Daiki Kodama, Ielja Strik, and Larisa Kotkova.

Gold: Daiki Kodama
(Japan, Powerlifting)

Kodaima claimed a historic 19th Bench Press World Championship, having won every single title in his division since 2002 .This time he won the 74 kg Men’s category, Equipped, with a World Record lift of 287.5 kilograms.

Watch his lifts (IPF)

Silver: Ielja Strik
(Netherlands, Powerlifting)

At age 48 she won her 12th Open Bench Press World Championship, this time by lifting 185 kilograms in order to win the 84.5+ kg Women’s division, Equipped.

Watch her lifts (IPF)  

Bronze: Larisa Kotkova
(Russia, Powerlifting)

Kotkova won her 9th Bench Press World Championship, having won her first one back in 2009. She won the Women’s -57 kg division with a lift of 155 kilos. She attempted a World Record attempt of 166 kilos but failed her attempt.

Watch her lifts (IPF)