Bayern was able to end their streak receiving a first goal but they lost to Borussia, nevertheless.

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Bayern München was finally able to end its eight-game streak where they received the first goal. But they would have chosen to keep it had they won. Instead, they lost 3-2 against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

München scored twice against Borussia Mönchengladbach within half an hour, in the opening game of Bundesliga’s matches for the week. Robert Lewandowski (POL) scored a penalty at 30′ and Goretzka (DEU) scored the second at 26′ to put Bayern ahead.

But Borussia did continue the tendency of teams scoring a goal against München in the first half. They responded at 36′ with a goal by Jonas Hofmann (DEU), who received a filtered pass.

And then Hofmann scored again after receiving another very good pass, where he was able to just face goalkeeper Neuer (DEU) and shoot it in. The first half ended 2-2.

At 49′ the ‘Colts’ turned the tables with a goal by Neuhaus (DEU), who had made the foul for the first penalty but redeemed himself with a very good shot.

Bayern kept on pressing on the second half and they had territorial domain but Borussia was well aligned on the defense, frustrating every stopped ball attempt.

With this result, Bayern still leads the Bundesliga with 33 points (10-3-2) but Leipzig is two points adrift and they could take the lead if they beat fourth-placed Borussia Dortmund tomorrow.