Tom Brady won the seventh NFL Championship in his life. Tampa Bay defeated Kansas City 31-9.

The Sportspedia

Tom Brady (USA) won the seventh NFL Championship in his life. It is the first time in history that a player has achieved this. Brady is the biggest winner in the history of American football. Tampa Bay, meanwhile, reached its second championship (2002, 2020).

At the start of the game no one would have imagined the beating this game would turn into. The first touchdown was a field goal by Harrison Butker (USA), for 49 yards.

That leadership would not last long. Leonard Fournette (USA) ran and put the Buccaneers in the red zone in the latter part of the first quarter. On the next play we saw a déjà-vú from other Super Bowls: Tom Brady passed it to Rob Gronkowski (USA) to score a touchdown. The extra kick was good too.

In the second Brady gave a great pass to Mike Evans (USA) that brought the Buccaneers closer. Brady had an incomplete pass and then Jones (USA) was stopped twice by the Kansas City defense. But it would be the best moment for the Kansas defense in the rest of the game.

Kansas City got it wrong with a series of infractions that Tampa Bay took advantage of. Tyrann Mathieu (USA) intercepted a ball for Kanas first but Ward (USA) fouled and the ball remained in Brady’s hands.

Then when the knockdowns were over for Tampa, a couple of the Chiefs players were caught early and the ball went to Brady.

Brady didn’t waste the opportunity. He again sent the ball to Gronkowski to score. The kick was good too. The first half ended 21-6 after three touchdowns, the first two from ‘Gronk’.

The Champions tried to react in the second half, generating the first touchdown with a 3-point kick. But Tampa scored a touchdown with a Brady pass to Antonio Brown (USA), plus a kick from Ryan Succop (USA).

Leonard Fournette (USA) also scored on the ground, in addition to the respective Succop corollary. Mahomes was dominated by the Kansas defense. Several times he had to throw the ball very desperately after having to frantically back away.

With less than two minutes to go, Kansas City looked for the honor touchdown, but they did. An interception practically handcuffed his repeating dreams. It was time to write in gold the names of Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who ended up winning 31-9.