Mexican players scored for San Diego and Dallas on this MASL game.

The Sportspedia

Tijuana’s Brandon Escoto (MEX) scored four goals, more than any other player in a game this year, in the game between the San Diego Sockers and Dallas Sidekicks, which finished 5-3 in favor of the Californians.

Hiram “Pollo” Ruiz (MEX) gave Escoto the first pass on goal to tie a game that Dallas was already winning after a goal by Julio Varela (USA), at 3 ‘.

Ruiz and Escoto combined for 2-1. Leonardo de Oliveira scored 3-1 and the rest of San Diego’s goals were scored by Escoto. Dallas’ other goal was scored by another Mexican, Raúl De La Gala.

The Sockers lost their first game of the season against Kansas City and now put their record 1-1 this young Major Arena Soccer League season.