Trevor Bryan beat last-minute replacement Bermane Stiverne in 11 rounds.

The Sportspedia

Bermane Stiverne (HAI) arrived at the last minute as a replacement to fight Trevor Bryan (USA) for the World Boxing Association’s World Heavyweight Championship, after Mahmoud Charr (SYR) was unable to travel to the United States.

The Haitian had five years without a win and two without a fight, making the Interim Champion the wide favorite.

The first round was a study round. Bryan managed to establish his dominant jab. In the second Stiverne went forward and landed punches even though they didn’t seem to hurt. Bryan’s didn’t seem to hurt much either.

The third had a slower pace but it was close, with both fighters landing their hands at different times. Bryan used the left jab and Stiverne hit more to the body.

Bryan kept using the jab in the fourth but now going forward. He continued using it in the fifth and sixth but also connecting more to the body.

Stiverne responded with strong hands in the seventh and eighth although Bryan continued to control the distance better with the jab. The ninth was closed and it was possible to go both sides for some exchanges but Bryan’s landed more.

Bryan kept pushing and connecting in a more devastating way until Round 11 he threw Stiverne twice and the referee stopped the fight.

In this way, Trevor Bryan is no longer only Interim World Champion but also has the regular WBA World Championship.