Dusty Henricksen won the Knucklehuck gold, aged 17.

The Sportspedia

Knucklehuck Snowboarding consists of one rule: there are no rules. It’s about being creative on a descent.

Jamie Anderson (USA) competed, fresh from winning the gold medal in the Women’s Slopestyle this morning,

The Japanese Ryo Aizawa (USA) took a run covering almost all the possible field in the first one.

Fridtjof Sæther (NOR), the first winner of this competition a couple of years ago, had such a big and fast jump that he ended up going against the bars but without consequences.

Aizawa eventually took advantage of this to literally run off the field and do a trick off the track, going out and back the way Fridge had the accident. In the third he used a side part of a jump as a wall and skied over it.

Marcus Kleveland (NOR) had a huge jump with two somersaults after a first jump.

Dusty Henricksen (USA) had a great frontflip, front grab and performed it twice … And he took gold on his debut at just 17 years old!