Sofia Nadyrshina won her second World Cup gold in a few days.

The Sportspedia

Russia had another great Snowboard World Cup -in Parallel Slalom this time-, now in Bad Gastein, Austria.

Last week, 17 year-old Sofia Nadyrshina (RUS) won gold in Scuol, Switzerland (in Paralell Giant Slalom) against a German ant yet again she won gold against a German. This time against Cheyenne Loch.

Germany also scored bronze, with Selina Jörg. The surprise was that Ramona Theresia Hofmeister (DEU -silver last week- was eliminated ein octo-finals, porbyMichelle Dekker (NED).

Dekker lost against Julie Zogg (SUI) in Quarter Finals. Maybe a factor for Hofmeister’s defeat was that the blue track was inferior: all the women’s octo finals and all of the men’s quarter final races were won from the red track.

Nadyrshina took advantage of that to take her second World Cup gold…Second in her career and second in a few days.