Zlatan scores a goal and then is sent off in AC Milan's loss to Inter.

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What a quarter-final! The two best teams in Serie A, the Milan Classic, Coppa Italia quarterfinals …

AC Milan and Inter had a close first half. AC Milan scored first. Zlatan lowered it, faked and defined at 31 ‘to take advantage.

And just as Zlatan gave the advantage to his team, he also left him helpless by being sent off and receiving a second yellow card, at minute 58 ′.

Inter Milan charged on and Atletico were not able t mount an offense. Inter were just unable to score anyway.

At 71 ′ Lukaku (BEL) scored the tying goal with a controversial penalty. From the outset, no foul was called, but after reviewing the VAR, the maximum penalty was decreed. In the repetitions there seems to be no contact.

When they were close to going into overtime, Christian Eriksen (DNK) scored a great free kick in the seventh minute of compensation. Ten compensation minutes were added in the second half as there was a change of central referee due to injury.

Inter Milan qualified for the semifinals of the Coppa Italia, thanks to this 2-1.