Barcelona beats Real Sociedad and did not looked at their best but are finding their way.

The Sportspedia

La Liga Leader Atlético de Madrid did not play, as they went to the Balearic islands to defeat Third Division team Cardassar, 3-0.

Real Sociedad, who have three more matches than Atlético, lost to Barcelona and are second place on the table.

After the match it can still be thought that Barcelona has a better shot at the Championship even if they are currently behind Real Sociedad, although they do not look great. This is a long-term game. Real Madrid are third after beating Athletic Club 3-1 yesterday.

Barcelona looked stronger throughout the first half and one of their clearest chances was a header by Pedri and then several other shots. But as Barcelona was pressing, Willian José scored the first one in a corner, but Barcelona knew it was not over.

They kept on pressing on and Jordi Alba (ESP) -who had a good first half with a goal and assist- scored it at 31′ after a good play by Messi (AGR) and a good offense by Barcelona, who had seven players in the box.

Griezemann (FRA) could have scored against his former team the second but his shot hit the bar. It was a tight angle.

Braithwaite missed another chance. At 43′ De Jong scored but it was overturned. The VAR was triggered and it was confirmed that actually he had not been on offside, and Barcelona went to rest with a fair advantage and a fair goal.

Ronald Araújo (URU) did not have a great game and looked disorganized but he still had a very good slide to protect a dangerous chance by Real Sociedad, and the score remained 2-1 for the Catalans.