Poirier avenged his loss to McGregor six years later.

The Sportspedia

In 2014 Conor McGregor (IRL) knocked out Dustin Poirier (USA) with punches in the first round. This time the roles were reversed in their second UFC fight, at lightweight.

In the first round Dustin Poirier threw McGregor to the ground. They stood and with Poirier with his back on the fence they exchanged blows with the shoulder. Conor landed a few blows that went in but didn’t do much damage.

Conor tried to grab Poirier’s leg twice in the second round and missed a combination. He then connected a pair of hands. Poirier turned and landed more than ten blows at him. Most entered.

Poirier threw another pair of flips that hurt the Irishman. He went after him and after a couple of blows they stopped the fight.

Khabib Nurmagomedov (RUS) is still ranked first in the division but he announced his retirement in his last fight. He was present in the arena so we will see if it is true that he is retiring or putting up a fight against Poirier, his natural rival.