Moaberg was soon eliminated and Bastien Midol took the Big Final.

The Sportspedia

Jonas Lenherr (SUI), François Place (FRA), Bastien Midol (FRA) and Viktor Andersson (SWE) reached the Men’s Final at the Ski Cross World Cup in Sweden.

The local was fighting for second place with Lenherr at the start, while Midol skied away.

Place joined the battle for second place with all three side by side and that allowed Midol to get more comfortable on the fast sprint circuit of Idre Fjäll.

The other three reached out with their hands to try to secure the silver and it was Andersson who took it, over Place and Lenherr.

There will be two more races this week and local David Moaberg will have another shot as he was surprisingly only 17th today.