La Dolfina looked a their best and wants to make it 7-straight at the Argentine Open.

Sportspedia México

La Dolfina played at their best! This historic team, that has been a bit irregular as of late and that might disappear or change configuration after this weekend, defeated La Natividad by an ample 21-10 and this way they made it to the Final of the 127o Abierto Argentino de Polo.

Adolfo Cambiasso scored a beautiful 14-4 with a good pair of approaches taking it from the defense to the end and scored it. Afterwards, when the game was 17-7 there was a very tense moment when the bocha hit his head but thanks to his great reflexes he was able to avoid injury and the play continued.

La Dolfina made it clear that even if Ellerstina comes from winning two Triple Crown tournaments, La Dolfina have a real shot at a seventh straight Argentine Open.

With this result, La Natividad and RS Murus Sanctus were not able to advance to the final, even if RSMS defeated La Dolfina a few days ago. Next Monday we will know if Ellerstina will be able to make it to the final and if we will have the best possible match.