This draw might make it more likely fo two Brazilian teams to play the Libertadores final.

The Sportspedia

Yesterday Palmeiras beat 0-3 River Plate in Argentina and today Santos also have a great match in Buenos Aires, drawing 0-0 against Boca Juniors, in a stadium filled in colors and images alluding Diego Armando Maradona.

The match did not leave much for commentary. Neither Boca nor Santos generated a lot of opportunities and it looked as if Santos was contempt with the score.

The most relevant maybe was that Izquierdoz (ARG) did a pontential penalty foul but it was not indicated as such by the referee.

The second matches will take place next week and the two teams with a better record in the Copa are the favorites to advance to an All-Brazilian final.


Boca Juniors

1 E. Andrada (ARG)
29 L. Jara (ARG)
2 L. López (ARG)
24 C. Izquierdoz (ARG)
18 F. Fabra (COL)
23 D. González (ARG) Substituted by Cardona (COL)
11 E. Salvio (ARG) Substituted by Buffarini (ARG)
14 N. Capaldo (ARG)
10 C. Tévez (ARG)
27 F. Soldano (ARG) Substituted by Ávila (ARG)
22 S. Villa (COL)
Coach: M. Russo


24 John (BRA)
4 Pará (BRA)
14 Luan Peres (BRA)
28 Lucas Verissimo (BRA) Substituted by Laércio (BRA)
3 Felipe Jonatan (BRA)
5 Alison (BRA)
21 Diego Pituca (BRA)
10 Y. Soteldo (VEN) Substituted by Sandry (BRA)
11 Marinho (BRA)
36 Lucas Braga (BRA)
19 Kaio Jorge (BRA) Substituted by Mádson (BRA)
Coach: Cuca