Ra'eese Aleem (USA) won the World Boxing Association Interim Super Bantamweight Championship after knocking out Victor Pasillas.

The Sportspedia

Mexican-American Victor Pasillas (USA) faced Ra’eese Aleem (USA) for the World Boxing Association Interim Super Bantamweight Championship but was knocked out in 11.

In the first round, Pasillas looked confident and pressing forward, although Aleem landed the best counters, particularly using the left hook when Pasillas was sloppy on guard.

Aleem landed more to the body in the second and Aleem hit him with a right straight that knocked Pasillas down. Shortly after Pasillas barely managed to avoid falling. Aleem kept going to the front connecting his left hooks.

In the third Aleem had good guard changes and landed good shots but Pasillas was already back in the fight and also managed to land some clean shots. Aleem looked better anyway.

Pasillas was connected again in the fourth and then he began to feint looking for the distance but Aleem continued to be faster, connecting up and down.

Victor landed some of his best shots in the fifth, although the round was not much different from the previous ones. Aleem knocked Pasillas down again with a left. Vic complained that it was a rabbit blow.

And he almost fell again in the seventh to Aleem’s total dominance. In the end of the round “The Beast” slowed down, with the round almost assured.

The pace remained strong in the eighth and ninth rounds. In the ninth, Pasillas touched the ground with his glove, so a knockdown was scored, just when he had just landed a good blow.

Aleem continued to be better in the tenth and eleventh, when he took advantage of a low guard by Pasillas to connect a left counter and thus cause the referee to stop the fight.

The WBA Super Champion in this division is Murodjon Akhmadaliev (UZB) and the Regular Champion is Brandon Figueroa (MEX), two possible future rivals for “The Beast”.