The Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano fight made history for women's boxing, and might become the turning point for female boxers getting big paydays.
Women’s boxing had a turning point in its history last Saturday, as Katie Taylor (IRL) and Amanda Serrano (PUR) headlined the night at Madison Square Garden, in front of a full audience and with over 1.5 million viewers just in the United States.

The fight was the fight of the year so far and the greatest fight of all time for female boxing.Taylor won the Lightweight World Title Bout against Amanda Serrano (PUR), who came up from her natural Featherweight for the mega fight. The two are the best Pound for Pound female boxers. It was no surprise that they would put on the show they would.

The greatness of the fight goes beyond the fact that the contending level was among the best, or that the fight itself was exciting, but also because this should be the point at which the next best possible matchups and big female prizefights will be measured against.

Serrano was impressive, and she rocked Taylor in the fifth round, almost sending her down, but Taylor came back to rightfully win a very close fight. A rematch seems very likely, and no one would complain about it.

The card also saw a unification fight for the Women’s Super Middleweight world Title, with Franchón Crews-Dezurn (USA) beating Elin Cederroos (SWE) for all the big belts. The fans appreciated the fight.

Thirty years ago, the lighter weights in boxing would not make the same as the heavier weights, even if the fights were great and the matchups involved two of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, such as the mega fights between Ricardo López (MEX) and Rosendo Álvarez (NIC), or between Humberto González (MEX) and Michael Carbajal (PUR).

Today, some of the lighter weights are paid well, and the biggest paid fighters of the last two decades – Floyd Mayweather Jr (USA), Manny Pacquiao (FIL) and Óscar de la Hoya (USA/MEX) all were contemporaries in Welterweight.

Last year, the Super Flyweight fight between Juan Francisco Estrada (MEX) and Román González (NIC) got the credit it deserved and the fighters were paid well.Women’s boxing is increasingly more competitive. Taylor and Serrano proved it and they were paid in seven digits for that.

It should not be a surprise if in the future some of the most important female fights are paid as well as some of the most relevant male counterparts. They should and we expect they will.