Ulster 15-10 Munster. They are now 10-0.

The Sportspedia

Before today there were three unbeaten teams in the Pro14 League (Rugby Union): Ulster (9-0), Leinster (7-0) and Munster (7-0). This changed today, with Ulster’s win over Munster. The final score was 15-10.

Munster was only able to score one penalty by Ben Healy (IRL) throughout most of the match and eventually also a try and its respective conversion, while Ulster scored in two tries one penalty, and one conversion. The first score was a try by Utility Back, Matt Faddes (NZL), at 6′.

Throughout the match, when Munster tried from the back they were usually handcuffed by Ulster around the midfield.

With 10 minutes to go we saw an Ulster with very good defense, refusing to give up the ball in the Scrums and the time continued to elapse, helping Ulster secure their tenth win of the season. Munster were very close to the line with seconds to go but Ulster kept on defending well. A penalty was eventually conceded and even then Ulster kept their line with just inches to go for a score.

In compensation time finally Sweetnam scored a try for Munster for a more decent score that probably reflected the match more accurately: The scored changed from 15-3 to 15-10 in the last seconds.

With 10 win in 10 games, Ulster can claim to be the number one in Pro14 so far, but this might be interim. Leinster will play Connacht (4-0-3) tonight and are favorites to continue their winning streak as well.