This week’s Global Podium for the best sportspeople in the world features Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Paola Longoria, and the German Men's Fistball Team.

The Sportspedia’s Global Podium features the three sportspeople/athletes or teams that best achieved excellence in performance last week with their milestones and results.

Gold: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
(Jamaica, Athletics)

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (JAM) won her 5th world title in the women’s 100 meters. She has won every single World Championship and Olympic gold since 2009. Se is the greatest female 100 meters sprinter of all time and the second female with most gold medals at the Word Athletics Championships.

Watch a replay of their triumph (World Athletics)

Silver: Paola Longoria
(México, Racquetball)

Longoria added yet another argument as to why she is the greatest female Racquetball player of all time, by taking her third consecutive World Games (since 2009), year since which she has been the best and unbeaten the majority of time.

Watch a replay of her final (Olympic TV)
Photo: DFBL/U.Spille

Bronze: German Men’s Fistball Team
(Germany, Fistball)

Germany has long been the greatest team in Fistball and they are increasing such legacy with a third consecutive World Games gold medal by winning five games out of five, including beating Switzerland 4-1 in the semifinals. Patrick Thomas and Fabian Sagstetter have won six world-level titles since 2011, while Tim Albrecht has five since 2013.

Full team: Tim Albrecht, Philip Hofmann, Rouven Kadgien, Felix Klassen, Philipp Kubler, Fabian Sagstetter, Ole Schachtsiek, Jonas Schroter, Patrick Thomas, Nick Trinemeier

Relieve the Final (Olympic TV)