This week’s Global Podium for the best sportspeople in the world features Sarah Storey, Jody Cundy, and Neil Fachie / Matt Rotherham.

The Sportspedia’s Global Podium features the three sportspeople/athletes or teams that best achieved excellence in performance last week with their milestones and results.


Gold: Sarah Storey
(England, Para Track Cycling)

Great Britain topped the UCI Para Track Cycling World Championships with 20 gold medals ahead of Australia’s 20. One of these came from Sarah Storey, who now has an impressive 19 World Championship gold medals just in Track Cycling. She has more world titles than anyone else in cycling history. She won gold in the women’s Individual pursuit C5, her eighth world title in the discipline. She is unbeaten at the World Championships in this discipline since 2006.

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Silver: Jody Cundy
(England, Para Track Cycling)

Cundy is second of all time amongst any cyclist in terms of world titles, as he increased his number in track cycling to 18. He won his record-exteding 13th World Title in the Men’s Kilo (C4) in a row, unbeaten since 2006. 

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Bronze: Neil Fachie / Matt Rotherham
(Scotland / England, Para Track Cycling)

Another British great, Neil Fachie, won his 15th world title in track cycling, in the Men’s Tandem B kilo -his eight since 2009. He repeated the world title with Matt Rotherham. Then, Fachie won his 16th world title -also joined by Rotherham- by winning the Men’s Tandem B Sprint, also his eight in the discipline. Fachie is also among the winningest cyclists of all time.

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