This week’s Global Podium for the best sportspeople in the world features Jan Němec, Rhiannan Iffland and Gary Hunt.

The Sportspedia’s Global Podium features the three sportspeople/athletes or teams that best achieved excellence in performance last week with their milestones and results.

Jan Němec. Photo: Radek Mica.
Gold: Jan Němec
(Czech Republic, Grass Skiing)

Jan Němec furthered his standing as the greatest Grass Skier of all time by winning his 15th World Championship. He won the Super G at the World Championship in home soil. The most impressive was that this competition was his return to international competition after five years! Also impressive was Chisaki Maeda (JPN), who won all of the women’s competitions.


Silver: Rhiannan Iffland
(Australia, High Diving)

Iffland increased her record-breaking winning streak at the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series by taking her 11th straight win, this time at the meet in Ireland. Further, she achieved a rare ‘perfect dive’, receiving five scores of ’10’, breaking the record for the highest scored dive. She won every event since 2018.

 Watch a replay of the event (Red Bull Cliff Diving) 

Bronze: Gary Hunt
(France, High Diving)

Hunt extended his record for most Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series wins to 41 after winning in Ireland with excellent dives, including triple tens both days.
Watch a replay of the event (Red Bull Cliff Diving)