Auriol passed away in France, aged 68.

The Sportspedia

A Rally Dakar legend, Hubert Auriol (FRA), passed away in France, aged 68 after a cardiovascular accident, in the day of the 7th stage of the 2021 Rally.

Auriol made history in the Dakar Rally for becoming the first competitor to win in two types of vehicles: he won in motos in 1981 and 1983, and in cars in 1992.

Auriol was also the protagonist of one of the most emotive moments in the Rally’s history, when he broke both ankles in the penultimate stage of the Rally in 1987, when he was leading. His closest rival, Cyril Neveu (FRA), inherited the victory, his fifth in the Dakar.

Hubert, born in Ethiopia, was nicknamed “The African” and he was attracted to the continent so much that when the Dakar Rally left to South America, he founded the Africa Eco Race.