The Packers beat the Rams 32-18 and are one point off the Super Bowl.

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Green Bay will face the winner of the match between Tampa Bay and New Orleans, in the NFC Championship Final, the game before the Super Bowl. This after they defeated Green Bay in the Divisional Game.

The Packers scored first, with a three pointer, and then the Rams tied the same way.

The hostilities rose in the second quarter and there was almost a fight when Aaron Charles Donald (USA, Rams) had his helmet pulled.

Green Bay scored in the first chance it had. Aaron Rodgers (USA) passed it to Davante Lavell Adams (USA), who ran from one side to another and then back before the play. He received it well. The extra point was good and the first half ended 19-10.

Just in the first play of the third quarter, Aaron Jones (USA) ran 60 yards and he was close to scoring. Right in the next play Green Bay scored although they missed a two-point conversion.

The Rams made it a seven point game when Jefferson gave it to Cam Akers (USA) laterally. Akers run until the score.

Green Bay would score again and with a 18-32 the Rams would not play the last seconds, admitting defeat.