They won six stages en route to the Regularity Rally won.

The Sportspeida

Marc Douton and Emilien Etienne (FRA) were the most dominant team at the beginning of the Rally Dakar 2021. They took the first five and the seventh stage wins. They never got out of the Stage podium all the way to takin the Dakar Classic, a Regularity Rally with the Dakar Rally.

Douton and Etienne, second in the last stage, finally made a Buggy Sunhill make it to the Dakar finish late. Those cars were unable to finish the race forty years ago.

The last stage was won by Antonio Gutiérrez and Luis Heras Gutiérrez in a Mercedes G-320.

Overall, the second place was for Juan Donatiu and Pere Serrat Puig (ESP) in a Mitsubishi Montero and the third was for Lilian Harichoury, Luc Fertin and Laurent Correia, who won Stage 10 in their Renault truck.