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Milano, Italy

The Inter Milan has reclaimed the second place in the Italian Serie A after categorically defeating Bologna 3-1. Juventus had temporarily taken second after defeating hometown rivals Torino a couple of hours ago.

Romelu Lukaku (BEL) -who carried Inter last Tuesday with two goals against Bayern Mönchengladbach- scored the first goal after a counter that found him in the area. He missed the first shot but immediately retried and found the net.

Achraf Hakimi (MAR) scored at 45′ and 70′. Both goals were very good. For the first one he received a great pass with the left and scored with the left as well right after. His second goal was a solo run from the wing-back all the way to the edge of the area and to then cross it to the net.

Bologna had defeated Inter the last time out but this time Inter was decisively better. They are now 10th with four wins and six defeats. AC Milan leads with one match less.

Goals Inter Milan: Lukaku (BEL) at 16′, Hakimi (MAR) at 45′ and 70′

Goal Bologna: Vignato (ITA) at 67′