The Chiefs defeated the Bills 24-38 and will play their second straight Super Bowl.

The Sportspedia

If in the game between Tampa Bay and Green Bay we saw two very experienced quarterbacks, in this one we had to see two that are the new reality of the NFL: Josh Allen (USA) with Buffalo and Patrick Mahomes (USA) – authorized to play after a concussion last week with Kansas City.

The Buffalo Bills scored on their first offense, with a 51-yard kick scored by Tyler Bass (USA), making it 3-0.

Their second touchdown was scored by Knox, who received the ball after a feint by Allen. Just in the first quarter they were already 9-0.

Patrick Mahomes passed a ball to Hardman to redeem an earlier touchdown chance that he missed with the touchdown. The kick was good, for 9-7.

The first half would end 12-21 in favor of Kansas City, after a touchdown by rookie Mecole Hardman (USA).

In the third quarter, Kansas City continued to move away, first with a 3-point kick.

A run by Tyrone Hill (USA) helped Kansas City get to second and goal. Two plays later Travis Kelce (USA) scored a 15-30 touchdown.

Buffalo had to make a historic comeback from 15-31 if they wanted to win. Josh Allen himself did a long run at the start of the fourth. Two plays later they intercepted the ball. A very hard blow.

With less than 8 minutes to go, Mahomes found a Kelce just to score 15-37 that nearly buried Buffalo.

Isaiah McKenzie (USA) scored a touchdown for 21-38. Buffalo intercepted and Allen gave a very long pass to Stefon Diggs (USA) that brought them closer, with less than 4 minutes to go.

Then Allen was sacked and he ridiculously threw the ball in the face of Alex Okafor (USA), who responded verbally. Despite the fact that other Bills came to the fight, the referees determined that there were fouls from both sides and some punishment was annulled. However, the frustration was visible.

The game ended 24-38.

Kansas City will repeat in the Super Bowl and seek to repeat the Championship but now they are against the most successful Quarterback in history, Tom Brady (USA). With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in Tampa Bay.

The bad news for Kansas City was that their offensive tackle (LT), Eric Fisher (USA), came out with an Achilles injury, so it seems like a loss for the Super Bowl, a heavy blow for them.