González (MEX) and Demoliner (BRA) lost against Salisbury (ENG) and Ram (USA).

The Sportspedia

Santiago González (MEX) and Marcelo Demoliner (BRA) were defeated in the quarterfinals of the Telcel Mexican Open against Joe Salisbury (ENG) and Rajeev Ram (USA), # 4 seed.

The Latin Americans took the first four points of the game but then the game went 4-2, after a game in which Demoliner hit Ram but without consequences.

After putting the game 5-3, Ram had a great defense in the net that prevented Santiago, encouraged by the local public, from taking the set. But an accurate shot directly to Jon’s body again -now by Santiago- ensured the 6-4.

The second set went 5-2 in favor of their rivals but González and Demoliner fought every point … They got 5-3, 5-4, 6-5 and 6-6 … The tiebreaker continued to rise in favor of their rivals up to a 9-6 and then with Santiago on the serve, the game, set and match was resolved by 10-6.