Campbell knocked García down but García ultimately won. The Alvarado twins divide results.

The Sportspedia

Ryan García (USA, not top 5 by Sportspedia) arrivedas a favorite against former Olympic Champion Luke Campbell (ENG, not top 5 by Sportspedia) trying to win his first World Championship fight, for the World Boxing Association interim Lighteight title.

García came out to taunt Campbell, who was more careful but did connect. García showed better timing with the right hand when both landed it, and García looked more precise.

Ryan threw a flurry of shots in the second. Campbell came back to the jab and then he landed a left hook that knocked García down! García put his guard down and the former Olympic Champion took advantage of it. Campbell looked composed after the knock down without rushing things and García responded with a few quick punches at the end of the round

In the third, García did not look hurt but Campbell landed good left hands, including more solid and precise shots, but García proceeded to be more aggressive and to land more punches. He especially looked better when in the ropes.

Campbell connected to the body in the fourth and then García landed a strong right hand to the face, and then repeated it. In the last round Campbell landed the left hand again and showed an excellent use of bending and movement to avoid aggressive García’s punches.

In the fifth, García looked swift again but maybe not as much as Campbell, who was able to land and bounce. Both sought body punches and García landed a low one. Both connected clear left hooks at some point. There were few direct exchanges. García connected more series of punches and a left hook at the end almost knocked Campbell down and he was possibly saved by the bell.

The Mexican-American went out for the Knock Out in the sixth, going all out for it but being reckless at times and lost his gas after 40 seconds. He pressed on with 40 seconds to go but Campbell survived with his jab.

But he could not survive the seventh! García connected a liver punch that made Campbell fold after two seconds and he could simply not stand up from the pain. KO! A new Champion!

Campbell was able to stand up in the 11th after a punch by Lomachenko (UKR), a Pound for Pound rated boxer, but not from García’s punch. This says a lot about García’s power. He is now ready to call the fights against the best in the division.

The Alvarados divide results

Before the fight between García and Campbell, Nicaragua’s Alvarado twins fought. They stopped being the second pair of simultaneous World Champion twins (now only the Charlo twins are).

Félix Alvarado (NIC, #3 Sportspedia) won by Technical Knock Out over DeeJay Kriel (ZAF, not top 5 Sportspedia) in the 10th, after having knocked him down in the third and fourth. Alvarado dominated the fight and Kriel held on for long until the fight was stopped. He keeps his IBF Light Flyweight World Title.

The other twin, René Alvarado (NIC, not top 5 Sportspedia), lost a close Unanimous Decision against Roger Gutiérrez (VEN, not top 5 Sportspedia), who he had knocked out a few years ago.

The Venezuelan had an emotive fight that he dedicated to his mom, who recently lost her life to cancer. He dedicated her this new World Boxing Association Super Featherweight Title.