Cristiano Ronaldo scored the winning 3-1.

The Sportspedia

Juventus and Sassuolo almost drew 1-1. But Juventus won 3-1 to take fourth place in Serie A, in Champions League position.

Pedro Obiang (GNQ) was expelled in the compensation time of the first half after a tackle to Federico Chiesa’s (ITA) ankle. It was originally deemed a yellow card foul but it was changed to red after a VAR revision.

This numerical superiority by Juventus made Roberto de Serbichange a couple of players for the second half, summoning Adrien Rabiot (FRA) and Maxime Lopez (FRA).

As they were getting themselves together, Danilo (BRA) shot from outside the box at 50′ and scored the goal for Juventus.

But even with the numerical inferiority, Sassuolo adapted well and pressured in the appropriate times, even if at first Juventus had more ball contorl.

But just at 58′ Grégoire Defrel (MTQ) scored for the Neroverdi after a pass by Hamed Junior Traorè (CIV) that hedefined with precision.

Andrea Consigli (ITA) earned his salary today, beating Cristiano Ronaldo (POR) in a one-on-one.

Sassuolo was smart and passed it amongst themselves -sometimes up to 30 consecutive times and for full minutes- trying to generate a tactic that would allow them to score, or simply consume time.

At 82′ a pass for which Vlad Chiricheș (ROU) did not slide -probably fearing an own goal- allowed Aaron Ramsey (WAL) to push it in for a painful goal after Sassuolo’s good functioning.

In extra time, Cristiano Ronaldo received a good pass, sprinted and crossed it with the right for the winning 3-1.

Next week we will see the Italian Derby: Inter vs Juventus.